Totallux Turns 20 Years Old!


A surprise, a milestone, a ton of memories and not forgetting a big cheer to the next many decades to come!

On Tuesday the 14th of March 2023 we had the honor of surprising the leader of #TotalluxJan Mark Zumpolle with a special evening filled with memories of the past 20 years. The night kicked off with the entire group including the Zumpolle family patiently waiting inside to surprise Janmark as he just arrived back at the #Totallux headquarters after an extra long meeting with Brian Koning. We then had some special gifts from customers and the internal team as well as a few special words from Bart Boekraad and Kristina Zumpolle.

We also had a presentation packed with amazing memories and messages. Lastly, we tied the evening together with some delicious food catered by Indonesia Indah Catering. This year truly marks a milestone for #Totallux and we are looking forward to the next decade of success!



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