Totallux and Feebe, a great partnership


Feebe’s passerelles and boarding ladders are the first contact owners, guests and crew members make with a superyacht. This means everything on these structures has to be absolutely perfect; the best finish, 100% reliable operation, and high safety standards. Every single part, from the smallest screw to the LED lighting in the beautifully sanded teak steps, must be finished to perfection. As for Feebe’s LED lighting, it’s new, and it’s unique.

In collaboration with Totallux, Feebe has developed beautiful and unique LED lighting for its Luxury series of passerelles and boarding ladders. In daytime mode, the LED strips are as black as the caulking between the teak of the steps. This makes them barely noticeable during the day. However, as soon as the lighting is switched to night mode, the black strips start emitting a subtle, warm white light.

Feebe’s new lighting also distinguishes itself in other areas. The LED strips are completely watertight thanks to the use of special epoxy resin. And because the strips are made from incredibly strong synthetic material, they no longer have to be removed if the teak steps are cleaned or sanded during maintenance of the passerelles and boarding ladders. They can actually be sanded with the teak without causing any problems.

Exhibiting at the Metstrade Show 2019

Both Totallux and Feebe will be in the Super Yacht Pavilion at Metstrade 2019 in RAI Amsterdam from 19 to 21 November. Totallux will be on SYP 10.205, and Feebe on SYP 11.316. Would you like to know more about the new LED lighting? You are more than welcome to visit our stands.



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