Team Building Extravaganza in Almere


Last week, our fantastic team embarked on an unforgettable team-building adventure right here at our Almere head office. It was a day filled with change, friendship, and lots of fun!

With the guidance of our coach Kristina Zumpolle from Zumflow, we kicked off the day with an insightful discussion about change—how it feels to us individually and what our collective expectations were. It was a moment of reflection and understanding as we prepared ourselves for a real-life change challenge.

Our challenge was no small feat—a complete office setup shuffle! With the combined strength and creativity of our amazing team, we managed to rearrange our workspace into something fresh and exciting. As a token of appreciation for our hard work and adaptability, each of us received an ultra-wide screen to enhance our efficiency. After all, a sleek new gadget never hurts!

Following our office makeover, we shifted gears and headed to the bowling alley. Split into groups, we faced off for some friendly competition, all in the pursuit of that elusive strike! The sound of pins crashing, the cheers, and the laughter filled the air, making for an afternoon of unforgettable memories.

To cap off our fantastic day, we enjoyed a hearty and wholesome dinner at the renowned Loetje. Over delicious food and great conversation, we strengthened the bonds that make our team exceptional.

This team-building day wasn’t just about change; it was about embracing it together. We came out of it with a freshly designed workspace, high-tech gadgets, and memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s to our incredible team and the bright future we’re creating together!

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