A little more about Peter Fallein, our new Sales Executive in Belgium

‘Sales for me means instilling the philosophy of the company. This can only happen through good customer relationships, quality products and targeted technical support. We always need to sell the goal and not the means – for example: a remote control is great, but making the installation ‘monkey-proof’ is what it’s really about.
The LED industry is undergoing an evolution, which means that we, as a company, must always be innovative. The current innovations come from the user’s own demand, ie: the veranda of yesterday is no longer the veranda of today. It is now seen as an extra living space with fireplace, kitchen … etc. and with it comes the need for controlling the lighting.
Before I joined Totallux, I worked as a Technical Commercial Advisor and was responsible for the sales and technical support of KNX equipment and detectors for the whole of Belgium. My role kept me on the leading edge of new developments in LED Lighting solutions, liaising with wholesalers, installers and architects and traveling around Europe for new product presentations and training. I was always on the lookout for new products to compliment our product offering.
Now, as a new member of the Totallux Team, my main objective for 2022 is to put Totallux on the map in Belgium.’
Besides his passion for LED lighting, Peter is also a big fan of Marvel and Star Wars movies and enjoys spending time at home with his family.
Contact Peter at | +32 (0)456 34 7571


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