Navigating Life’s Challenges


A recap from Lieve Kempen's School at Sea Adventure.

Supporting Young Leaders

At TOTALLUX, we believe in the power of supporting young enthusiasts and encouraging innovative learning. Lieve Kempen’s extraordinary voyage with School at Sea perfectly embodied our commitment to fostering the growth of young talents. We understood that the path to success often involves embarking on unconventional adventures, and Lieve’s journey was a prime example of that.

Lieve Kempen: A Young Leader in the Making

Lieve’s journey with School at Sea was not just about sailing and seeing new places; it was a transformative experience that molded her into a future leader. Throughout her voyage, she faced challenges, made decisions, and learned to adapt to unpredictable situations. These were invaluable life skills that would undoubtedly shape her into a resilient and resourceful young leader.

A Visit to TOTALLUX Headquarters

On the 2nd of November, Lieve visited our new headquarters in Almere to present to the team her experiences during this incredible journey. It was a moment of inspiration and reflection as she shared the challenges she overcame, the friendships she formed, and the knowledge she gained. Lieve’s visit was a testament to the remarkable growth that can occur when young individuals are provided with the opportunities and support they need to thrive.

Lieve Kempen embarked on a remarkable journey, and we were honored to be part of her adventure.

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